Audit & Assurance

Our auditors provide the best auditing services in UAE and conduct an audit that ensures the authenticity of the SSG Consulting is providing best audit services in the most affordable price. Our auditors prepare an audit report by following the standards of International Standards of Auditing (ISA). At SSG Consulting, we cover all the contents and modules of audit services in order

External Audit
Internal Audit
Due Diligence Audit
Risk Management
IFRS Implementation & Advisory
IFRS Impact Assessment

What does SSG Consultant offers in UAE?

The term ‘audit’ basically means evaluation. An external audit service is evaluation of the company, to make sure of the fact that it complies with the various laws and regulations imposed by the government. The main purpose of the top audit firms in UAE is to verify whether the company’s financial statements and records are accurate or not and whether they are providing the public with the right information with regards to the same and to evaluate its overall performance as an enterprise.