Our auditors provide the best auditing services in UAE and conduct an audit that ensures the authenticity of the financial information of a company. SSG Consulting is providing the best audit services at the most affordable price. Our auditors prepare an audit report by following the standards of International Standards of Auditing (ISA). At SSG Consulting, we cover all the contents and modules of audit services to fulfil the business demands.


An external auditor is a professional, and independent third party who is not part of the organization being audited. They perform an unbiased review of the financial records of an organization. The organization’s accounts and financial statements are similarly being examined by an external auditor. They have access to the accounting books, payroll, purchasing records and other financial reports of the company to see its weakest points or any of its irregularities and where the strategy for efficiency or improvement can be directly utilized and recommended in the company.


An Internal audit is an independent appraisal of the financial statements prepared by the organization The cardinal objective of a financial statement audit is to provide an independent assurance that the management has, in its financial statements, presented a “true and fair” view of a company’s financial performance. It adds credibility to the reported financial position and performance of the business.

Internal Auditors’ roles include supervising, evaluating, investigating and analyzing organizational risk and controls; and reviewing and confirming information and compliance with policies, procedures, and laws. Working together with management, the internal auditors assure that as far as possible risks are significantly reduced and that the organization’s corporate governance is forceful and capable. In addition, internal auditors make recommendations; when there is room for improvement.


Due Diligence Audit is an investigation Audit or examination of a business or person before signing a contract, or an act with a certain standard of care. During a Due Diligence Audit, the analysis or review could be carried out for a potential objective for the merger, acquisition, privatization, or similar corporate finance transaction, usually by a buyer.


Risk management is the identification and prioritization of risks followed by coordinated and economical application of resources to reduce, check and control the likelihood and impact of adverse events or to maximize the awareness of opportunities. Risk management’s objective is to guarantee that indecision and hesitation do not repel the effort or attempt from the business goals.


Common accounting standards are essential for the efficient and transparent handling of information in our globalized era. Implementing IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) impacts all aspects of a company including, among others, financial reporting, internal controls, taxes, treasury, management compensation, cash management, and legal. It requires a transformation that involves employees, processes, and systems.


IFRS impact assessment is an assessment conducted when a new or revised accounting standard is implemented in any business from a specific date. Sometimes the value disclosed in the financial statements needs to be changed while comparing with those normally disclosed under existing practice, because of a change in measurement of the item. In some cases, the impact will be only on information disclosed in the financial statement and may not necessarily impact the financial figures.

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